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Inquiries & Contact

Would you like us to translate, edit or proofread a text or even an entire book (German <> English)? Please, send us an informal request to Do not forget to mention your deadline or desired date of completion as well as any special aspects to be considered. We will then gladly provide you with, free-of-charge, a non-binding offer as a PDF. Your request should contain, of course, the source text to be translated, edited or corrected – or at least a representative excerpt from it. Thus, we can immediately take note of the subject matter, the writing style and the degree of difficulty. Regardless of the length of any excerpts sent, you should specify the total number of characters in your complete source text including all headings, captions, footnotes and other text portions. You can easily find this information with your own word processor.

The standard page as defined by the collecting society VG Wort is the guideline we use in order to determine the length of the source text. Accordingly, a standard page contains exactly 1,500 total characters including all empty spaces. Thus, for example, a source text consisting of 10,000 total characters including all empty spaces consists of 6.66 standard pages (10,000 / 1,500).

If you you have inquiries about other services, including ghostwriting, script development and private lessons (Business English)? Again, we are happy to help. Also contact us via or by phone via +49 (0) 173 6 00 98 96 or +49 (0) 30 36 42 79 97. All inquiries, whether originating from authors, agencies, publishers or authorized representatives, are of course treated with due discretion. (See Privacy Policy.) We look forward to hearing from you!